Appleknockers General Store

Warren, NH

Located in a remote part of New Hampshire that sees a lot of outdoor tourism, Appleknockers has been an essential part of life for their neighbors (whether local or just passing through) for years. The owners were looking to expand the business and create a brand identity that felt approachable yet modern. We also decided to create a visual system of secondary mark to identify the various aspects of what Appleknockers offers the community. 




"I am thrilled. People were buying stuff up as I was putting it out!" - Stacey, owner of Appleknockers General Store



Samples from the development process.


City of Leavenworth

Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth is a magical place, closely connected to nature and its Bavarian roots. The town was looking for a new logo that would represent those important connections and celebrate the personality and uniqueness of Leavenworth while inviting people in to explore all that Leavenworth has to offer. 



New York Metro Iowa Club

New York, NY

A University of Iowa alumni club based out of New York City was looking to create a logo and wordmarks that could be officially licensed by the university, used on their fundraising merchandise and to support their official activities. We worked closely with the club and the licensing department at the university to create a mark that represented the group location and affiliation. 





Spruce + Twine Company

Boston, MA

Is anything more delightful, or more difficult, than designing your own logo?! The answer is definitely no, to both! We wanted to create a logo that represented our agency while also able to fulfill a variety of needs for the product end of our business. The logo needed to be be professional and visually clean, but with a touch of the handcrafted. Our secondary mark includes a spruce tree that can standalone or integrate easily to represent our company in a more subtle way. 




Samples from the development process