Meet Us.

Spruce + Twine Company was founded in 2020 by two women who met nearly 20 years ago as they began their careers at a small Boston-based apparel company. Many jobs, apartments, heartbreaks, and shared bottles of wine later, they finally combined their skills, and Spruce + Twine Co. was born.

Since those early days of their friendship, the two friends each paved their own paths, working for major global brands, traveling the world for work and fun, one making her way in product and the other in design. They have created work for Puma, TJX, Sperry, Reebok, '47 Brand, and many others. An unlikely duo, but similar to vanilla and bourbon, the perfect complement to balance one another.

As of 2023, Spruce + Twine Co. is still busily creating and producing merch and designs for clients but is run solely by Christina, one of the two friends. It is still run on the same grounds; a testament to the passion, a testament to friendship, to new beginnings, and considerable growth.

Here is to the continued journey. Here's to deepened roots. Here is to the future.