Meet Me.

Hi there! My name is Christina, and I own Spruce + Twine Company. I work full-time at a sports apparel company while running my little passion project. If you're interested in learning more about S+T Co and less about me, read on for a little story.

A long, long time ago, about the time of the Covid plague (well, hell, it seems like a lifetime ago), a magical 'baby' was born called Spruce + Twine Company.
The original owners were two women who met almost 20 years ago, starting their careers at a small Boston-based sports apparel company.
Since the early days of friendship, the two friends have each pursued their own paths, working for major global brands, traveling the world for work and fun, and gaining expertise in product and design. They have created work for companies like Puma, TJX, Reebok, '47 Brand, and many others.
After many jobs, apartments, heartbreaks, and shared bottles of wine, they finally combined their skills and created Spruce + Twine Co. Despite being an unlikely duo, they were the perfect balance for each other, like vanilla and bourbon.

As of 2023, Spruce + Twine Co. is still creating and producing merchandise and designs for clients. Although one of the original partners has moved on to new and exciting chapters of her life, the business is still run with the same passion and commitment to new beginnings.

The end.